Saterday night flights/Military flights/ Fire attack school and missions

posted by Jerry Robinson on 2018-04-21

Saturday group flights:

These three flights and mission are going to be set aside until next month or the month after when we get the routes complete.

Staring soon we will be having Saturday night flights each week. The times will be such that all pilots both us and over seas can be involved. We may rotate these week to week being early one week and then later the next. These will be starting some time in May 2018. Keep an eye on the news for these great group fights.

Military flights:

Also coming in may or June will be military flights based on both missions and humanitarian relief flights. These will be set up with several mission flight on one mission. We will also supply our pilots with a drop program so troops and supplies can be dropped from C-130s or C-17s. There will be strike missions in any military fighter aircraft but these can not be flown on vat-sim or Ivao. Some will be group strikes and some will be solo strike missions. Keep your eyes on the news for these fun flights.

Fire attack school and fighting:

Soon we will be having fire attack school and training. There is a program that works with P3D and FSX that costs about 15.00 us and allows you to drop water or retardant from any aircraft and put out a fire we create. You can also use a bucket with a heli, fly to a lake, put the bucket into the lake, pick up water, fly to the fire and drop the water. If you have an interest in this please contact Tom or Jerry by email or catch us on team speak most any night.